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The owner of the website https://mastros.com.cy, offers its services based on the following terms of use. ( hereinafter referred to as the “website”),

The visitor/user of https://mastros.com.cy is required to carefully read the following terms and conditions and use the website only if he/she accepts them completely. Existing as well as any new services included in the website are subject to these terms of use, unless expressly stated otherwise.
This website and the services offered through it are intended exclusively for adults. It is prohibited for minors to use or visit it, as well as to enter into transactions. The https://mastros.com.cy is not responsible for any visit to the website and its use by minors, since it is not able to verify the identity of incoming visitors/users.

The website https://mastros.com.cy reserves the right to modify, add, change the content or services of the website, as well as the terms of use, whenever it considers it necessary and without prior notice, with only the announcement through its website.


The copyright of the Content (e.g. images, information, videos, data) and Services of the https://mastros.com.cy website that have been uploaded to the Network is protected by Cypriot, Community and international copyright laws. The names, images, logos and distinctive features representing https://mastros.com.cy or third parties and their products or services are exclusive trademarks of https://mastros.com.cy or third parties protected by the relevant trademark laws. Their appearance on the website should in no way be construed as a transfer or assignment of a license or right to use them. 

Any copying, distribution, transfer, transformation, processing, creation of derivative works or misleading the public about the actual provider of the Website Content is prohibited. Any reproduction, republication, republishing, uploading, posting, distribution or transmission or any other use of the Content in any manner or medium for commercial or other purposes is permitted only with the prior written permission of https://mastros.com.cy or any other copyright holder.


Users accept that they will make lawful use of the website. They therefore agree that they will not use the company’s website to:

A) transmitting in any way content that is illegal, contrary to morality or content that is threatening, offensive, defamatory, libelous, potentially damaging to the privacy or private life of a third party.

(B) causing harm to minors in any way

(C) transmitting in any way content that infringes any patent, trademark or copyright.

(D) transmission of spam messages, any kind of unauthorized advertising

(E) transmission of any material which contains software viruses or files or programs designed to cause damage to any software or computer hardware

(F) collecting or storing personal data about other users. In case of violation of the above terms, users are obliged to compensate the company, making good any positive and consequential damage.

In case of violation of the above terms, users are obliged to compensate the company by restoring any positive and consequential damage.


The management and protection of the personal data of the visitor/user of the website is governed by the terms of European Law (Low. 125(I)/2018). The personal data collected by the website are the following: Name, Surname, Telephone, E-mail address.

If the visitor/user wishes to subscribe to the service(s) of the website or use the contact/order forms, he/she agrees to: a) provide true, accurate, valid and complete information regarding the data requested by the website https://mastros.com.cy. The website keeps records of these data exclusively for communication, statistical and improvement of its services. In any case, however, the user/visitor of the website has the possibility, after contacting the company either by telephone at +357 99829398 or by email at [email protected] and finds out that there is a personal record, to request its deletion, correction or change.

The website may use cookies to identify the visitor/user of certain services and pages of the website. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the hard drive of each visitor and do not take note of any file from his/her computer. They are used for statistical purposes in order to determine which areas of the website are useful and popular. In the case of links to other websites, the website is not responsible for the terms of management and protection of personal data that they follow