About Mastros Products

Our history is a family affair that started with our grandparents, our parents and then us, the third generation.

Inheriting the various fields of olive groves, carob trees, vineyards and various fruit trees, we undertook their cultivation, since from a young age our main occupation was the cultivation of fields, helping our family.

Mastros Products

We have evolved our heritage as we created our own processing units to bring out the traditional products and offer them to you with craftsmanship, love, professionalism – the MASTROS products.

It will be our pleasure for you to visit us in the green Amargeti where our production units are located, to show you around and taste our products such as fresh beer, wine, liqueur, carob, olive oil, etc.

MASTROS products can be purchased from our facilities in the village of Amargeti as well as from selected stores across the country.

We love the land and we honor our tradition!

-Visit us

7 days a week from 08:00 – 17:00. You are always welcome!


Bottle production / Every Year

Our companys production does not stop all the time to always offer you fresh and tasty products.
We try and give our all in what we do to keep the quality always high.