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It is to develop innovative practices with respect to the environment and sustainable development to produce quality products for your table with love and craftsmanship that has been with us from generation to generation.


The name MASTROS has a history as it was the “nickname” of our grandfather in the village of Amargeti but also in the region. Even until today we are called grandchildren of Mastros.

He was given this name because of his pioneering ideas and methods in agriculture, viticulture and manufacturing and we as heirs and in honor of his memory and vision, we named our range of our products.

Guided tour of the Farm
and Processing Units

In a green and hospitable environment in the Amargeti of Pafos are our small crafts where with mastery and passion we make Mastro’s products such as our award-winning olive oil, carob, wine, beer, and fruit liqueur.

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